The Most Reliable and Affordable POS
for Restaurants.

It takes hustle and a lot of hardwork to make it in the restaurant industry. We get that and we're here to help.

During these unprecedented times COVID-19 has affected us all in the restaurant industry. As our way of helping out we are offering free QR codes for your front of house, so that your customers can safely and easily view your menu on your website without the dangers of a physical menu.

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PhantomPOS is built for restaurant people, by restaurant people.

We've teamed up with multiple restaurants during our developmental stage to build a POS solution that helps restauranteurs make more money, delivering a great customer experience, and take the guess work out of making business decisions.

PhantomPOS was designed to make managing your business easier, so you can focus on why you opened your business in the first place.

Increase Sales.

We believe your POS should do more than just take orders. That's why PhantomPOS is designed to help increase your sales. Take any tablet device tableside to turn tables faster. Automatically prompt your staff with suggested upsells at the right moment. Allow your patrons to upgrade their own meals through a smart self-ordering Kiosk.


PhantomPOS has been designed in such a way that new staff will be able to pick it up in the first couple orders they place.

Improve Service.

Running a great restaurant requires great staff, but even the best staff can only do so much. That's why PhantomPOS is designed to help your staff work smarter, not harder. Back house will be orgranized with our Kitchen Display System allowing orders to flow seamlessly from the servers. Let patrons confirm orders and reduce errors with the Customer-Facing Display.

Inform Decisions.

In the restaurant quickly and conveniently check important reports at any time, from any POS station, and even when offline. Outside the restaurant, access real-time data any time, anywhere, and from any device.

Your Success is our Business

We're dedicated to helping your business succeed. Whether you're opening your first restaurant or you've been in the industry for years and are considering making a POS switch, our team is here to help make that experience easier, smoother, and dare we say it... enjoyable!

Service Kickstart

Getting your POS up and running is not something you want taking too long: our team of Restaurant Support Techs will ensure everything is up and running quickly and smoothly for you.

Menu Engineering

You know your menu, we know your POS. Let us help you set up your menu within PhantomPOS to empower your servers and your patrons to have a smooth, efficient, and effective ordering experience -- whether you're full or quick service.

Back-of-House Bulletproofing

Your restaurant business is a valuable asset, and our team will help leverage PhantomPOS's expansive security and permission controls so you can feel confident that your hard-earned profits are protected.

All features

Tableside Ordering

With PhantomPOS, taking an order has never been faster or easier. Whether it’s tableside or at the counter, this is the only restaurant ordering system you’ll ever need. We know that life in the restaurant moves at a breakneck pace, and that’s why every action has been carefully designed to require as few steps as possible. PhantomPOS’s tableside ordering is designed to help staff fulfill orders faster and more accurately, while upselling high-margin menu items and using pop-up modifiers for suggestive selling.

Mobile Payment Processing

Taking payment at the table is no longer a futuristic fantasy: it’s here and it’s what your customers are expecting. That’s why PhantomPOS lets you take credit, debit, or cash with just a tap of the screen and a tap of the card. Afraid of commitment? We don’t lock you into a specific payment processor like some other POS companies do. With PhantomPOS, you’re in control: research, compare, and choose the processor that works best for your business.

Floor Plan & Table Management

You run a restaurant, not a shoe store—so why buy a retail POS? PhantomPOS is built by restaurateurs for restaurants, so we take table management seriously. Using our new NFC scanning technology theres no need for floor plans, take orders by table just by scanning a NFC tag placed at the table, move parties around freely, manage multiple sections and floors easily—PhantomPOS is a POS that’s actually built from the ground up for a restaurant.

Customer Relationship Management

Ever walk into a local venue and see a familiar server’s face - only to, moments later, see your regular order waiting and paid for with your account? We love that feeling, too. That’s why we built PhantomPOS with key customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty features so you too can create regulars, show them love, and keep them coming back. And with PhantomPOS Loyalty, you can incentivize your customers to sign up for your loyalty program, allow them to collect and redeem points, and communicate with them through targeted marketing via SMS, push notifications or email.

Staff Management & Scheduling

Whether in the front or the back of house, your staff determine the experience of your customers — and your bottom line. Sadly, managing staff schedules and tracking labor cost is no easy task. So what did we do? We put our own staff to work for you, and now PhantomPOS makes it easier than ever to manage, track, measure, schedule, and enable your staff’s success.

Report & Analytics

Your restaurant data can hold some pretty powerful insights that can be used to dramatically improve your business. But you’ve got a restaurant to run, food to make, customers to make happy and the last thing you want to do is spend your time poring over dozens of spreadsheets. Let us do the number crunching for you. PhantomPOS's reporting and analytics tools give you all the critical insights you need, whether you're in the restaurant on the iPad, in the office at a computer, or on the road with your smartphone.

Menu Management

Your back-of-house team puts a ton of time and effort into crafting your dishes, so shouldn’t the menu within your point of sale be just as meticulously crafted? We think it should, so we designed PhantomPOS specifically for restaurant service staff, with a host of smart features to make your menu ordering, prep, and reporting process a masterpiece.

Inventory Management

You’re a happy owner when your restaurant is in demand — that is, until you run out of supply mid-service. Waste, theft, spillage: as if you needed more reasons to be stressed. Rest easy, restaurateur. We baked into PhantomPOS’s recipe a number of simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use features to help you stay in front of your stock in the back.


We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Pricing Plans

With flexible hardware payment plans and low monthly software licensing fees, it’s easy to find the plan that’s a perfect fit for your business.



Billed Annually
1 License
Recommended for:
Quick service venues that want the power of a tablet POS at their counter, but don’t require multiple terminals. This plan allows you to perform all point of sale functions within one tablet. Get Started



Billed Annually
2 Licenses
Recommended for:
Quick service venues and small restaurants that want the flexibility of two terminals. This plan allows venues to leave one tablet stationary and take another mobile to line-bust or take orders tableside. Get Started



Billed Annually
Unlimited Licenses
Recommended for:
High volume Restaurants that want the freedom to scale their POS solution with their growing business. This plan allows you to add tablets as your business grows, and is perfect for venues that want to enhance customer experience with tableside ordering. Get Started

Your venue is unique, so it only makes sense that your PhantomPOS solution will be made up of a unique combination of the hardware below. To find out exactly what hardware you need to run the best solution for your restaurant, contact us. We'd be happy to help! Here is a list of all hardware that is used in solo-tablet and multi-tablet solutions:

  • Apple/Android tablet that operates as the POS terminal
  • Staff can take it to the table or leave stationary at a counter.
  • PhantomPOS is compatible with all iPad models, with the exception of the first generation iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3rd/4th Generation. However, we strongly suggest always purchasing the latest iPad/Android models for the best experience and longevity of support.
Apple Mac Mini Computer or similar(Windows PC)
  • Acts as the server or “the brain” of the system
  • Stores all of your restaurant’s data
  • Syncs all tablets, so changes on one tablet are made to all the others
  • Multi-iPad solutions require either a Mac Mini or iMac Computer
  • Required for multi-tablet setups
  • Suggested for venues using up to 10 tablets
  • Requires monitor, keyboard, and mouse to operate
Model: 3.6GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i3 processor 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory PCI-E-based SSD Storage (128GB Minimum)
Thermal Printer
  • Prints receipts/chits from the tablets
  • Thermal paper required
Epson TM-88IV or newer required with USB connectivity
Cash drawer
  • Traditional printer-driven cash drawer
  • Opens at cash-out or on demand wirelessly from the terminal
  • Connected to printer via RJ12 cable
  • Must be a printer-driven model which uses an RJ12 connection
  • Can be used with solo or multi-tablet configuration
Cash Drawer Cable
  • Connects cash drawer to the receipt printer
  • Model: RJ12 cable (looks like a phone jack cable)
Ethernet Cable (CAT5)
  • A common cable that is used with the PhantomPOS system for connecting Ethernet devices
  • Only one cable needed
  • Traditional keyboard that allows for control and updating of iMac or Mac Mini(or Windows PC)
  • Must be USB keyboard
  • Required to receive remote support from PhantomPOS
  • Traditional computer mouse that allows for scrolling and navigating on computer display
  • Must be USB mouse
  • Required to receive remote support from PhantomPOS
  • Display screen allowing you to perform updates, restore backups, etc. on your iMac or Mac Mini (or Windows PC)
  • Must be HDMI compatible
  • Required to receive remote support from PhantomPOS
iPad Stands
  • Case, stand, or enclosure for your tablet
  • Additional protection for your tablet from breakage, spillage, and general wear and tear
  • Safely secures your terminal (tablet) to a counter to prevent theft
  • Stand can be landscape or portrait
  • For merchant processing integration, stands must be compatible with mobile swipers
iPad Hand Straps
  • Portable, hand-held cases that allow servers to securely bring tablet to the table
  • For merchant processing integration, straps must be compatible with mobile swipers